Customer & Communication

A corporation that advances through constant communication with customers.


Creative idea

Transforming from
creative ideas into a reality


New chanllenge

Always enjoying
a new challenge


Customer focused

On the side
of the customer


Outstanding performance

a better result

Constantly evolving for
the happier daily life
with a better future.

  • Brand business

    Displaying diverse brand products
    from beauty, health & food, and life.

  • Commerce business

    Developing and operating
    a new commerce platform
    to keep pace with the rapidly
    changing trends.

  • Global business

    Conducting distribution business
    in overseas markets like Asia and
    America with overseas affiliates
    and partners beyond Korea.


Introduction of CNCO’s brand

High performance minimalism cosmetic brand

Capturing the spirit of nature and fermentation as a background
of nature's energy, it contains the perspective of looking
at the beauty of nature, and the philosophy of energy devotion.


Introduction of CNCO’s brand

Pragmatic makeup brand

Based on the quick and convenient functionality,
we have the expertise to display your own individuality
in a rapidly changing trend.


Introduction of CNCO’s brand

Skincare brand that nurtures for the skin’s natural strength

Developed with inspiration of high-nutritive vegetables
that feed on soil nutrients, Deeom contains the philosophy
of sincerity, the energy of soil and research of balanced skin.